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External Audits

HSE Guidelines for Best Practice define a health and safety audit as:

    “the collection of independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the total health and safety management system and drawing up plans for corrective action.”

OHSAS 18001 defines an audit as:

    “the systematic examination to determine whether activities and related results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable for achieving the organisation’s policy and objectives.”

Our trained professionals can provide you with an external audit, which offers you several benefits. We can allocate consultants with specific experience of your industry, who have a wide range of knowledge of different circumstances and situations. An internal audit may well not offer the same level of expertise, insight and depth of industry specific experience.

We can determine what is the best industry practice for your business, and set a baseline for your current level, which, in turn, will determine what your health and safety targets should be.

Health and safety compliance is required in order for concerned parties, such as potential customers to see that you are properly meeting your duty of care to staff and members of the public.

Our audits can also highlight legal requirements, so that you can avoid censure from bodies such as the HSE, fire service or local council.

Our audits also identify the people within your company structure who have responsibility for developing and improving areas of weakness.